Being an online multiplayer game, you will often come across several players who will be arrogant, abusive, or not legitimate. To complain against such players, Riot Games have implemented a separate report system. There are two ways to report in Valorant. You can either use the report players option under the match tab during a game or from the match summary option after a match.

When should you report a player?

Before reporting any players, let us understand the various circumstances under which you should raise a complaint. Riot Games allow every player to register a report against a teammate or opponent under the following scenarios.

  • Cheating
  • Abusive communication towards you or teammates
  • Leaving the game/AFK
  • Sabotaging the team
  • Disrespectful behavior
  • Offensive/Inappropriate naming convention
  • Any form of threat.

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Reporting a player in Valorant

As mentioned before, you can report a player during a match or after it. To do this, follow the steps given below.

  • If you want to report against a player during a game, press ESC and in the match section, click the report button adjacent to the player name whom you wish to report.
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  • A new window will appear asking the reason for which you are complaining. Check the reason box or type a custom message in 512 words explaining your cause.
  • Follow the same procedure if you are filing a report in your post-match summary. Right-click on the name of the player and press the report option.

Remember, Riot Games is also planning to report players during the character select screen.

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