With Halo Infinite Multiplayer releasing for players to partake in, users can participate with other players from around the world in Microsoft’s acclaimed First-Person Shooter. While Halo can be fun, some players may be less than stellar to interact with, and exceptional cases require reports. Here’s how to report a player in Halo Infinite.

To report a player in Halo Infinite, players must submit a support ticket via the Halo Support site. Follow the steps below to complete that process:

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  1. Log into your Microsoft account via the Halo Support Website.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of any article on the site and select the Submit a Ticket option.
  3. Choose Halo Safety – Report a Player from the Ticket Submission submenu.
  4. Make sure to select Halo Infinite when asked about the game.
  5. Sift through the behavior being reported and select the issue that best relates to your player issue.
  6. Enter the name of the account in question.
  7. Summarize the issue.
  8. Add a full issue description.
  9. Add media attachements if you have any.
  10. Submit your ticket.

Use the image below for reference when creating your Support ticket.

Screenshot via Pro Game Guides

Ensure that the reported player has violated Xbox Community Standards before submitting a ticket, as false reports can negatively impact the reporter.

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