If you’ve been playing the New World Public Test Realm, you’ve surely noticed quite a few bugs and issues. If you have noticed a bug that has yet to be addressed by PTR, there’s a handy forum thread just for reporting bugs.

Find the Forums

While many games allow you to report bugs within the system itself, New World Public Test Realm does not currently support this. The most likely reason is that it is a Test Realm, implying a bare-bones setup. Instead of a Report button, you’ll need to submit a report on the New World Forums. Specifically, you’ll be required to go to the current month’s PTR Bug Reporting Megathread.

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Check for Established Bugs & Report

Before you report your bug on the mega thread, check the message at the top of the thread. You’ll see a dialogue box that lists the currently acknowledged bugs. These are bugs that PTR is aware of and is already working to fix. Do not report any of the listed bugs, as it’ll be a useless report. Once you’ve made sure your bug is not on the list, make sure you are signed in (look for the Sign In icon in the top right) and add your own post on the thread.

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