Resources are a vital commodity in Black Skylands. You need them to be able to construct the various buildings back at the Fathership, your main base of operations.

To replenish ammo and health is straightforward, and can be done in numerous ways. The first way is to interact with an Arsenal, and you’ll get both refilled for free. An Arsenal is something you can interact with on the islands, or your Fathership, which has a medical symbol on one side and ammo on the other.

The image below shows what the Arsenal looks like. All you need to is interact with it only once, and that’s it. Everything is refilled.


You can also find ammo inside boxes that you have to smash open. Melee attack these boxes, or anything you think looks breakable, and you may find something inside. Another way to get ammo is to finish off an enemy with a melee attack. Upon doing so, you are guaranteed to get an ammo drop!

You also get a health kit you can use once, then you have to find another, from either gathering plants, or a random drop from an enemy. If you have neither, you can fast travel back to your Fathership, and rest in your bed, and this will replenish your health but also Lumas.

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