Sailing in Lost Ark can be fun, as there are many locations to discover and explore. But sailing requires a lot of planning and attention. You need a crew to keep your ship in good condition, and you will need to repair your ship periodically.

To repair your ship in Lost Ark, head to a port and dock there. This will open the Dock menu. Select the Repair Ship option at the bottom of the screen—you can see how damaged your ship is, as well. This will show you how much Silver it will cost to repair your ship. Click OK to repair your ship.

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As you sail, your ship will take damage over time. You can see your ship’s total life and current hit points in the blue orb at the bottom of the screen. Sailing into hazardous water can increase the amount of damage your ship takes.

Maintaining and repairing your ship ensures that you can sail as much as you want. So remember to stop by port now and then to do some repairs on your ships!

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