In Sea of Thieves, every player’s ship is bound to take a few hits from sea monsters, players, and ill-positioned rocks. These ship wounds invite water to fill the hull, slowly drowning your ship if they are not repaired. Previously, the repair process was simple: players would equip a wooden plank and walk up to the hole in the ship, then hit a prompt to repair. But with Season 7, there’s now a way to restore your ship. Here’s how to repair and restore your ship in the overhauled Sea of Thieves repair system.

How to repair and restore your ship in Sea of Thieves

How to repair your ship in Sea of Thieves

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

With the Be More Captain update from Rare, Sea of Thieves released a new repair system. In this update, every one of a player ship’s injuries is saved, marking the scars of past battles. If so desired, players can remove these marks by speaking to a Shipwright on the docks at any Outpost. After pressing Restore My Ship, players can view the cost of Gold for these repairs.

After paying the gold fee, the Shipwright will remove all visible marks of battle, restoring the ship to a brand-new appearance. However, players can also choose to retain these ship scars, as they remind sailors of the boat’s previous adventures.

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

Perhaps the ship is named the “S.S. Kraken Slayer” after a close encounter with a sea monster, or “Curb Check” after several rock-inflicted scuffs. In these cases, players may want to save these battle scars for aesthetic reasons. Either way, the game’s Be More Captain update provides more power to the players, allowing for greater customization options for all digital sailors.

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