To repair items, you will need to visit the repair bench that is right next to the war chest in your village and use souls to repair your items.

If you don’t know where the war chest or repair bench is located, you can find both in the location shown in the image above.

You can also locate the repair bench using its icon on both the mini and main map. That said, when you find the repair bench, you can then repair your items by finding it under the items tabs in the repair bench and then pressing or clicking on it.

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This will then open a prompt asking if you want to repair the weapon, press repair, and you will use a small sum of souls to repair your broken item. After doing this, you will have just repaired whatever you were trying to repair.

However, if you don’t have any souls on hand, you can get them by farming resources, looting camps, slaying monsters, and giants. Overall if you want the best way to farm souls, we highly recommend going for the camps as you can clear around 200 to 400 souls depending on the size of the camp.

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