If you want to repair your current armor set or weapons, you will need to get repair parts and have a large wallet filled with gold. That said, you can get repair parts by dismantling or salvaging various weapons and armor in the game you will come across.

We recommend salvaging anything you don’t plan on selling or using, such as old gear. If you want to salvage your old items, all you need to do is move your cursor over the item and then left-click it after pressing the s key. Doing so will break down the item you are currently hovering over and turn it into repair parts which can then be used to repair your current items.

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Once you got repair parts, hover again over a gear item you wish to repair and press R and the left mouse button. Doing so will then fill your item’s durability bar, thus repairing it. Along with repair parts, you can also use repair kits that you can start crafting at level one in the game.

However, if you don’t have enough money, we recommend selling items you get from quests and farming loot to sell as well. This should be enough to get you the required amount of gold you need to repair items.

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