Acquiring armor in Jupiter hell will increase your chances of surviving the brutality the title provides. You’ll be up against many foes, so finding some armor will be a joy to behold. But armor has durability, and once that reaches zero, it becomes dead weight.

If your armor is starting to lose durability, don’t worry. There is a way to refill it, so it’s back up to full strength, but it’s based heavily on luck. On your run, you need to find a CoreTek Technical Station. Upon finding one and walking up to it, a menu will appear of a list of options you can do. One of the options is to Repair Armor.

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Select the option, and that’s all that needs to be done. It will repair your Body and Head armor back up to full durability.

Take note of the number of Charges the CoreTek station has, as those charges indicate what you can do. By default, the CoreTek station has three charges, and to Repair Armor costs one charge—if the station only has zero charges left, you could not be able to repair your armor.

Keep a close eye on your minimap in the top left-hand corner for green pixels on your map. Green pixels indicate there’s something you can interact with, and hopefully, one is a CoreTek Technical Machine.

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