If you want to remove the death screen in Minecraft, you will need to use a game rule command. 

You will also need to load into your world with cheats enabled. Once enabled, load inside your world and type or copy and paste /gamerule doImmediateRespawn true and hit enter.

Doing so will remove the death screen players see when they dye in the game, and replace it with not seeing the screen at all. So with this command, instead of seeing a death screen, players will instantly spawn at their bed or natural spawn location. 

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If you want to use this command for a server, all you need to do is locate your Server console and paste or type the same command in, and it will have the same effect, just like with client-side games.

But, should you want to revert the changes, all you need to do is type the same command or copy it with one slight difference. 

Instead of the true at the end of the command, you will want to replace it with false, so type or copy /gamerule doImmediateRespawn false and hit enter to activate the command.  

After this, all changes you made to the death screen should be reverted. If you want to make sure the changes were made, try killing yourself in the game to test it.

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