Disney Dreamlight Valley throws a few obstacles your way in the first few Biomes that you unlock. Case in point, the big mushrooms in the Glade of Trust. The good news is, Merlin might have a way to help you get rid of them, clearing the way for you to build your dream Village.

How to get rid of the big mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Clearing away the big mushrooms requires you to upgrade your watering can twice, which can only be done by completing friendship quests for Merlin. First thing will be to complete the prior quests in his questline: Friendship is Everything, A New Enchantment, With Great Power…, A Lesson in Frustration, and Crystal Mystery. You’ll also need to have reached friendship level eight with Merlin and have unlocked the Glade of Trust Biome.

How to complete A Dark Experiment Friendship Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The quest doesn’t have many steps, but you will need to gather several materials.

  • Start the quest by talking to Merlin. He’s figured out a way to improve your watering can permanently, but he needs some things first:
    • 20 mushrooms (Can be foraged from the Glade of Trust)
    • Five emeralds (Can be mined from either the Glade of Trust or the Forest of Valor)
    • Three Purified Night Shards (made at a crafting table from 15 Night Shards and three Dream Shards)
  • Bring all of these ingredients to Merlin and he’ll fix up your watering can.
  • Try to wash away three small mushroom patches in the Glade of Trust. After you’ve removed three let Merlin know and you’ll be done.

You’ll be able to remove small patches of big mushrooms now, but to remove large patches you’ll need to complete Merlin’s last friendship quest, The Final Trial.

How to complete The Final Trial Friendship Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock this quest raise your friendship level with Merlin to level 10 and make sure you’ve invited WALL-E to your Village.

  • Go and talk to Merlin. He wants to improve your watering can even more but will need even more materials.
  • Craft five Purified Night Shards. You can make these at a Crafting Station from 25 Night Shards and Five Dream Shards.
  • Take the Purified Night Shards to WALL-E, who will crush them into Night Shard Powder for you.
  • Bring the Night Shard Powder to Merlin. He’ll give you another list of materials to collect:
    • 25 mushrooms (found by foraging in the Glade of Trust)
    • One Falling Water
    • One Ice Heart
  • Bring them all back to your Crafting Table to create Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment.
  • Take the ointment to Merlin, who will use it to fully upgrade your Watering Can.
  • Practice removing the big mushrooms again by clearing the large patches blocking bridges in the Glade of Trust.
  • Go and tell Merlin the good news, and you’ll be done. You’ll even get an extra hat as a reward.

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