Occasionally players will encounter ghosts that cause the player to gain a taint debuff effect. Taint will then lower the player’s health until it is removed. To remove taint in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, players will need to either exorcise the ghost or use a purifying embers item.

Purifying embers will remove both wetness and taint from the player and can be found laying on the ground or bought at the start of each episode from the item menu.

To use purifying embers to remove taint, you will need to open the item menu while in the game. Do this by hitting X while in the game. Hitting X will open the item menu, where you will need to hit items again and then find purifying embers among the list of things in the menu.

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Once you find purifying embers, press A and then hit confirm to use the item to heal your taint or wetness. Wetness is a bit different from taint, but you gain it when you come in contact with black water. When you gain wetness, you will attract more hostile ghosts until it is removed.

Because of this, it’s always a good idea to keep a few of the embers on hand. Otherwise, you will need to remove the ghosts, which is dangerous depending on the difficulty level.

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