If the default controller mapping for F.I.S.T Forged in Shadow Torch is not to your liking, don’t worry, as you can change a few options to see if you prefer it that way or not. You can access the Game options one of two ways.

The first is when on the main menu, select options, navigate down to Controls, press X, then select Controller and Modify will be highlighted, and press X again. This will open up the controller remapping.

Or when playing the game, press the Start Button, press R1 until you get to the Settings tab, then navigate to Controls, Controller and then Modify like above.

You can only remap the Movement and Attack. By default, movement is tied to the left analog stick, but you can change that to the D-Pad if you prefer. Attacking defaults to Square and Triangle, but if you wish, you can change those to R1 and R2, which is handy if you play a lot of Dark Souls-type games.

Full controller mapping is something many console games have the freedom to change, but allowing you to change some options, is an advancement.

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