To relocate a quest in The Witcher Monster Slayer, you will need to be a certain distance away and click the relocate option under the quest in your journal.

However, if you are around 927m away from the quest location in the real world, you will not be able to relocate the quest. Instead, you will be met with a gray-out box stating that you are too close to the quest location. 

To get around this problem, you will need to either move away from the quest location until you get a pop-up stating that quest relocation is available or simply go to the quest location.

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Doing so, in all honestly, might be the easier route, but not if it’s in a terrible location. Because of this, we strongly recommend utilizing this option whenever your quest location is in a spot that is not safe or easy to get to on foot.

Using your car or catching a bus to get to the location would also be a good option if the quest is far away from your house or if you live out in the boonies or in a rural area.

We also always recommend checking your surroundings and avoid unnecessary dangers. Be safe, and good luck on the path Witcher. 

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