Genshin Impact Update 2.6 added a whole new region in the game called The Chasm, and along with it came The Heavenly Stone’s Debris world quests that see the player exploring the caves to find out the ancient mysteries delving deep inside. One of these quests tasks the player with releasing the safety on a cannon to break down a boulder that is blocking a section of The Chasm.

In this quest, Jinwu assigns a bunch of tasks for the player to complete, with Clitopho, Zhiqiong, and Paimon as your guide. Further along the way, you will also need to load up the cannon with your companion, in order to fire it. Before doing so, however, you need to release the safety feature located on the cannon’s breech.

How to Release the Safety on the Cannon’s Breech?

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Once you have followed the marker and reached the quest area, you will come across a table with a book on it, which is the Safe Blasting Device Signaling Guide. Upon interacting with it, you will receive a set of instructions that tell you the frequency at which each lamp post flickers. There are a total of three lamp posts that you will be able to observe – the high lamp post, the middle lamp post, and low lamp post. The frequency at which each of these lamp posts needs to flicker at is as follows:

  • High Lamp Post: Low Frequency
  • Middle Lamp Post: Low Frequency
  • Low Lamp Post: High Frequency

Once you have read the manual and jotted down the instructions, head over to the glowing point near the edge of the platform. From here, you can observe which three lamps need to be switched on, indicated with a glowing light. Since the platform is higher than the three lamp posts, we shall start with the high lamp post, then the middle lamp post, and finally, the low lamp post.

How to Change Lamp Post Frequency to Release the Safety on the Cannon’s Breech?

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In order to change the lamp post frequency, we need to activate it first. Then, interact with it again to change the frequency. High frequency flickers once every second, while low frequency flickers once every two seconds.

To start, simply glide down from the platform towards the high lamp post. Once activated, make sure it is set to a low frequency. Then, move on over to the middle lamp post, as indicated from the observation point, and set it to a low frequency. For the last one, you need to traverse a small distance on foot towards the marked low lamp post. Activate it, and set it to high frequency. There will be enemies in this area, so tread carefully.

After switching on all three lamp posts and setting the frequencies accordingly, the quest will be completed, and you can proceed to load the cannonball with Zhiqiong.

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