With Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker releasing on Dec. 7 it’s important you remember to register your Endwalker Expansion Pack. If you don’t register your Endwalker Expansion on the Mog Station website, you may not be able play or load the game on launch.

To register your copy Endwalker expansion, head to the Mog Station website and login with your Square Enix account. Navigate to the Service Account Dashboard, and scroll down to the section titled Registration Codes. Click on the Endwalker Expansion Registration Code section and enter your game code.

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To find your game code, you’ll have to check with your retailer. Certain online retailers will send your code by email, while others will deliver it directly through your online account. In Steam, your Endwalker Expansion code can be accessed by navigating to Final Fantasy XIV Online in your Steam Library and select Manage, and then CD Keys. This will display your current CD keys for the game.

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Once you’ve entered your CD Key into Mog Station, you’ll need to update your game regardless of what platform you’re on, unless you were part of the Preorder Early Access. In that case, Endwalker will already be loaded on your system.

Wait for the game to download, and you’re now ready to play Endwalker. For more information about registering your expansion, you can check out the official post on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone. 

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