If you are trying to join the Rocksmith Plus closed beta, your first step is to head on over to the official site for the game. Once at the site, you should see an option that says register for the pc beta.

Click the button that says register, and you will then need to log in to your Ubisoft account. Do this, and you will fully register for the Rocksmith Plus closed beta, and once you are signed up, you should receive an invite if you get into the beta via your email.

That said, what is even Rocksmith Plus, and why should you sign up? To start, Rocksmith Plus is a new game service that will allow you to practice and learn how to play both bass and guitar while listening to a vast library of songs.

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The service will feature real-time feedback and give players a ton of tools to help them hone their skills at either instrument. The app will also work on PC, as the beta is PC only and can work with any acoustic or electric bass or guitar that can be played through an amp.

However, the game will require an internet connection at all times and will not feature any form of crossplay, and your subscription is only valid on the platform you register it on. 

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