Fortnite has just started its Best Friendzy event! In it, you can play with your best Fortnite friend to accrue points and use them to receive previously unavailable rewards. These items include rewards such as the Life’s a Beach Wrap, Outer Space Handshake Emoji, Aquari-Axe Harvesting Tool, and Invasion Remix Soundtrack. Unfortunately, they didn’t exactly the event known in-game, so many players are confused about how to register for the event. Still, we’ve got you covered!

Players can register for the event directly on the Fortnite website by navigating to the Best Friendzy Event Page. Once you’re there, you have two options to register for the event, both of which are pictured in the image below. However, before you press anything, you should first login to the website by clicking Login on the top right of the page. From there, follow the simple steps to log in, then you’ll be ready to click either of the buttons shown below.

Registering for Best Friendzy

The button shown above on the left is at the top of the page. You can click it before scrolling down to see the details about the event. Alternatively, you can scroll down to see information about the event, then click the button shown above on the right. Either of these buttons will take you to the login page (if you’re not already logged in). Once you’re logged in, you will be automatically redirected to the event page, but this time you’ll be registered and ready to play!

It’s that simple! Be sure to find a friend that you play with often to earn all the rewards.

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