As you progress through F.I.S.T Forged in Shadow Torch, you’ll eventually be forced to learn a new move by Master Wu. This move is called SP Skill – Rising Punch. This technique differs from anything else you’ve learned so far because it consumes an SP bar to use it. But how do you get SP back?

To refill your SP bar, you need to attack enemies, and every hit you land will refill a portion of an empty bar. But you may notice the bar becoming empty again even though you’ve been attacking enemies, and it 100 percent has been refilling.

Well, the bar will begin to empty itself again if the bar doesn’t become full. If the bar does not fill so that an SP move can be used again, it will quickly drain. This means that you have to be very aggressive in fights. If you go on the defensive for too long, your bars may never fill up again because they will drain.

Sure, SP moves aren’t entirely needed, but they do deal heavy damage, and some are great for crowd control if you become swarmed by enemies. There is another way to refill SP: to interact with a terminal and select the Repair option. This fills up all of your gauges, Health, SP, and EP.

Another way is at some point during the story; you will acquire Shock Batons. These are how you parry in the game. Upon a successful parry, you will consume one EP bar but gain one SP bar. You can also find SP Vial instant refills in pods you can destroy throughout your travels.

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