Carrot Juice in F.I.S.T Forged in Shadow Torch is essentially Rayton’s Estus Flask. It slightly heals you for a limited number of uses but can be upgraded as you progress further into the game, with more uses and healing more health.

There are a few ways to refill your Carrot Juice, so in dire straights, you still have a few swigs of that good old vegetable juice. The first way is to head back to a terminal and use the Repair option. This heals Rayton up to full and restores all EP bars, aka uses of Carrot Juice.

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The second way is to buy an upgrade for your Execution skill, called Execution+. This skill costs 500 money, but you will regain EP upon every execution you perform, allowing you to use more Carrot Juice if a terminal isn’t in sight. But killing them does not count. You have to perform an execution animation to get the EP gain.

You can find pods that you can destroy on your travels, and you may find an instant EP recovery vial.

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