Do you hate the delay in your stream on Twitch? Stream delay can mean it’s harder to interact with viewers and chatters on your stream, so reducing the latency on your stream can be preferable.

There are two ways of doing this. The first is in OBS. In OBS, open up the settings by clicking File, then Settings. Then choose Advanced options and alter your stream delay on this menu. Remember to click apply afterward!

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In Streamlabs OBS, the method is similar. Make your way to Settings and Advanced, and find the Stream Delay options. Make your changes and click done.

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The second way is on Twitch itself. To do this, all you have to change is one simple setting on your Twitch dashboard—the Low Latency Setting.

First, head to your channel page and go to your dashboard. Click the small icon that looks like three sideways lines to open the Preferences menu. Select the Stream option. Navigate to the Stream Key & Preferences section (remember never to show your stream key to anyone). Here you’ll find the Low Latency and Normal Latency options. Pick Low Latency.

Low Latency Mode is an opt-in mode in Twitch available for certain browsers. If you start to experience lag while using this mode, you should switch back to Normal Latency.

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