Gran Turismo 7 is everything a car fan could want in a racing game, and it looks beautiful on the PlayStation 5. If you preordered the game, then you may have some bonus codes. Sadly, redeeming them can be a bit confusing, especially if you don’t preorder games often.

How to access your bonus content in Gran Turismo 7

Here is how to redeem your preorder codes for Gran Turismo 7.

  • Go to the PlayStation store on your console.
  • Got to the side bar and select, reedem codes.
  • Type in the code, and hit redeem.
  • Hit the download button.
  • Load up Gran Turismo 7 to use your new content.

If you’re on a PlayStation 5, then you can do things a bit differently.

  • Open up your settings.
  • Go to your account and select payments and subscriptions.
  • Open redeem codes, and enter your preorder bonus code.
  • Load up the game to access your new content.

You won’t be able to access your bonus content as soon as you begin the game. You will need to get through the tutorial and see the opening movie play. Once you do, you should get an in-game notification that you have new content available.

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