To redeem codes in AFK Arena, you must first create an account by logging in with either your Google or Facebook account.

Once logged in, players will then be able to redeem any codes that are currently available by logging into the gift redemption site for the game. To log into the gift redemption site, they will need both their Player ID and a verification code.

You can get the verification code by clicking on the profile icon at the top left of your screen. After clicking your profile icon tab, click the settings tab and find the verification code option.

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Under verification code, you can find a randomly generated code that will last for one full minute, copy this code into the section on the gift redemption site that says verification code. 

Next, you will need your player ID, you can find this by clicking your profile icon again and looking where we marked with a red box below. 

Under this ID section is your player ID, copy this number and paste it where it says UID on the gift site, and you should be able to log in by hitting the log-in button.

Once fully logged in, you will be able to redeem any and all codes by pasting them in the section labeled gift code and hitting redeem.

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