The recent Sentinel Update in No Man’s Sky has introduced a ton of new features in the game. It includes new and updated enemy sentinels, weapon systems overhaul, friendly drones, and also the ability to automate your Minotaur Exomech to fight and explore alongside your character.

The Minotaur Exomech is a mech that can be controlled by the player to mine resources and devastate enemy sentinels in combat. Now, with the introduction of the Sentinel Update, a player can install the new Minotaur AI Pilot to have their humanoid mech follow them and aid them in combat automatically.

How to get your own Minotaur Exomech

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First, the player must acquire the Minotaur Geobay plan. These are found in the Construction Research Terminal, on board the Anomaly, and can be purchased for 10 salvaged data. Also buy the Orbital Exocraft Materialiser to deploy the Minotaur to any location within the same system as the mothership. After finishing the purchase, simply go to any planet and construct the Geobay to summon your Exomech.

How to install AI Pilot in your Minotaur Exomech

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To get the AI Pilot upgrade for the Minotaur, the player needs to head to the Anomaly and approach the Exocraft Research area, called Iteration Perses. The AI Pilot upgrade will cost 480 Nanites to purchase. To install this upgrade, the player needs to make sure they also have one Quantum Computer, one Antimatter, and one Wiring Loom. Once the installation is complete, simply hop out of your Exomech and it will follow you around and help in combat.

The Minotaur Exomech is the perfect early-game companion for collecting resources and fighting enemy sentinels. It is, in essense, an extension of the player. It comes with a powerful jetpack, an in-built environmental hazard protection system, and has up to 28 slots for inventory. It also comes with its own Mining Laser.

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