If you’re on a mission to complete your Digimon Library in Survive, then Tentomon could be one of few creatures that are missing from it. Tentomon is a one-time missable Digimon you can only recruit at a specific point in Digimon Survive. Here’s your guide to inviting Tentomon over to the good side.

Tentomon can only be recruited during Part seven. Even though nobody is around the area, you need to visit the Shrine during Free Action and examine one of the bushes on the left side. You will be prompted to use your camera, allowing you to discover an injured Tentomon.

Takuma will ask himself how he can make Tentomon understand that he’s not out to harm him. Respond with Come with us? to successfully invite it over. No battles will be triggered during this event.

The game will prevent you from the Shine after this segment, so don’t forget to go back for Tentomon at this time. Tentomon will also leave after part seven.

Tentomon is a Vaccine-attribute Digimon with a focus on mobility. It can evolve into three Champion-level Digimons (like Kabuterimon) with a Mature Enlightenment Slab. However, its Champion forms should be recruitable in later chapters of the game. Tentomon’s level will be at around eight to ten, so if you’re looking to use it in major battles, equip it with learning crystals and grind in Free Battles before pushing the story forward.

Then again, Tentomon isn’t the only Digimon you can miss while playing the game. If you don’t have Gomamon, for example, remember to trigger the partner Digimons’ Free Action during Part three.

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