Staunton Vhane is one the hardest of the companions to recruit because players will need to follow one of two very specific paths in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous to get him. One of the reasons he is so difficult to attain is due to the nature players will find him in, which is dead. Players will need to raise him from the dead or change his fate to recruit him within the player’s ranks, and here’s how.

What Players Need to Recruit Staunton Vhane

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There are a couple of things players will need to raise companions or otherwise from the dead. This will require the player character to take either the Lich Mythic Path or the Aeon Mythic Path. Players can take either of these, opening up access to different possible companions.

For more of a dark playthrough and undead companions, the Lich path is perfect. Otherwise, the Aeon path is a very light-sided alternative. We’ll go over each and how to gain them.

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How to Take the Lich Mythic Path

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The Lich Mythic Path is one of the darker options available that allows players to perform necromancy. All Mythic paths are linked to the PC’s alignment, so True Neutral is the lightest alignment to access this path. Players won’t get to choose their first mythic path until the end of the Gray Garrison. However, players won’t be choosing the Lich path here. Instead, players will need to wait until Act 2 to unlock this mythic path.

Steps to Unlock the Lich Mythic Path

  1. Players will need to progress in the main questline of Act 2 until they reach the Leper’s Smile.
  2. Once here, players will need to fight their way through a hoard of Vescavor demon bugs swarms until they reach the Queen Vescavor.
  3. To the right of the Queen, players can enter a hatch.
  4. Follow the left wall below and speak with the NPC near the boulder that is partially blocking the path.
  5. Past the NPC, players can go deeper into the catacombs, following the water, and fight the undead.
  6. Loot the chest floating at the end of the river.
  7. Take the wand from the chest and don’t destroy it.
  8. Once the dialogue tree opens, pick all of the evil responses.
  9. Keep the wand and continue the main questline until you reach the Lost Chapel.
  10. Enter the building labeled “Welcome to the Slaughterhouse” and end the Ghoul Sacrament.
  11. Take the newly opened passageway into a library and return the wand to the Lich there.
  12. Make a deal with the Lich and side with him.
  13. At the end of the mission, players will receive their second Mythic Path option, and the Lich path will be available.

Once this Mythic Path has been chosen and the player has retaken Drezen, players will receive a few quests from Zacharius. This will enable the player to truly raise the dead. The Mythic quest that is necessary is the House of Death.

How to complete the House of Death Mythic Quest

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Once players have taken Drezen and Zacharius is doling out quests, players will receive the House of Death quest. Finishing this quest will enhance the player’s Lich abilities and allow them to recruit undead companions. Here’s what the quest entails.

Step by Step House of Death Mythic Quest

  1. Talk to Zacharius about creating a Ziggurat.
  2. Collect people and resources to create a creature called Pillar of Skulls.
  3. Wait 10 days for Zacharius to build a Pillar of Skulls.
  4. Speak to Zacharius again. He will require more serious resources and the demolition of several city streets.
  5. Once this has finshed, return to Zacharius, and wait 30 days for the Ziggurat to be constructed.
  6. After the Ziggurat is built, go and speak to Zacharius inside.

After the Ziggurat is completed and the mission is done, players can speak with the Pillar of Skulls about their future Grave Guards. From here, players will learn that they can enslave different undead spirits to defend the Ziggurat as Grave Guards. Players will simply need to return to the Drezen prison to raise Staunton from the dead.

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How to Unlock the Aeon Mythic Path

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Instead of raising the dead with the Lich Mythic Path, players with the Aeon Mythic Path can redeem certain characters along their travels. As with all of the Mythic Paths, this one is alignment locked, so the darkest alignment a player can have with this path is True Neutral. To unlock this Mythic Path, here is what the player will need to do.

Step by Step Unlocking the Aeon Mythic Path

  1. Return to the surface, in Act One.
  2. Head back to the Market Square where players initially started their playthrough.
  3. Return to the spot where the dragon protector of the city was slain.
  4. Touch the blue-purple lights making noise nearby.
  5. Follow through the storyboard and open up the dialogue with the Aeon path listed within it.
  6. Push through the main storyline until reaching the Ward Stones.
  7. During the storyboard section of dealing with the Ward Stones, players must select the Aeon option (Look on the angels with the Aeon’s eyes.)
  8. When players finally reach their first Mythic Rank at the end of Act Two, they can select the Aeon Mythic Path.

Once players have this Mythic Path set, they can follow the main questline until they reach the fight with Staunton Vhane. Afterward, they will be able to change his fate behind the bars of the Drezen prison and keep him from becoming undead. If players choose to pass up on Staunton altogether and bury him, he will return as an undead and hunt down the player character, so this is the only way to have him alive in the campaign at all.

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