Project Triangle Strategy has multiple story paths to follow, and the order that you experience each one is up to you. Your first introduction to branching storylines comes in Chapter Three, where you must choose between escorting some guests to either the Grand Duchy of Aesfrost or the Holy Land of Hyzante. While either route will add a new character unit to your roster, choosing to travel with the envoys of Aesfrost will lead to an encounter with a shady character—The Salt Smuggler, Rudolph Mueller.

Note: Minor character spoilers for Rudolph Mueller follow.

Rudolph Mueller, Salt Smuggler of Aesfrost

Recruiting Rudolph

To recruit Rudolph to Serenoa’s party, first, you’ll have to convince the majority of your party to vote for traveling to Aesfrost during Chapter Three: Part One. While Frederica, Geela, and Benedict would rather travel to the Holy Land of Hyzante, you can persuade both Geela and Anna to your side by using the conversation topics you learned before the tournament in Chapter Two

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Once you’ve arrived in the frigid Grand Duchy of Aesfrost, simply continue progressing through the main story until you’ve completed Chapter Three. Following the chapter’s final battle, Rudolph will be exiled from Aesfrost, leaving him a free man but with nowhere to go. Serenoa then invites him to serve House Wolffort, gaining a very useful party member in the process.

Don’t worry if you chose to visit Hyzante instead of Aesfrost during Chapter Three, you’ll still be able to recruit Rudolph down the road. He’ll be encountered later on in the game’s main story, meaning you can add him to House Wolffort as long as Serenoa’s convictions align with his.


Rudolph wields a bow and a wide array of tools in combat, setting traps to immobilize enemies who get too close. He’ll start with the Longbow, a weapon that allows him to fire arrows at unsuspecting enemies. Straight Shot fires an arrow at a single enemy with deadly force, dealing physical damage. It has a range of four spaces, meaning he can do some damage from a distance.

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Steel Trap places a trap on a space of your choice, dealing damage and ending the turn of any enemy who steps on it. Additionally, he can place up to three Steel Traps onto the field at once. This ability is great for creating a protective wall for your characters, slowing down enemies, and preventing them from getting too close.

Rudolph adds a bit of utility and offensive support to the team, giving you more options when it comes to keeping enemies at a safe distance. If you like setting traps to ensnare your foes, make sure to visit Aesfrost during Chapter Three, so you don’t miss out on recruiting this salty character early on!

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