War has erupted in Norzelia once again, forcing both soldier and citizen alike to bear arms in an attempt to protect their homes. The things that once brought people joy, such as the occasional traveling circus, have become little more than a painful memory of lost loved ones. One young girl has somehow managed to survive the horrors of war alone, however, and wants to help Serenoa put an end the fighting that took her family—the acrobat, Picoletta. Here’s how to recruit Picoletta in Triangle Strategy.

Where to find and recruit Picoletta

In order for Picoletta’s character story to show up on the world map, first, you’ll need to reach Chapter V: Encroaching Darkness and a strong enough alignment with the Liberty value for Serenoa’s convictions. If her character story doesn’t pop up during Chapter V, don’t worry—Picoletta will most likely make an appearance by Chapter VIII, though only if you continue to strengthen Serenoa’s convictions while playing through the main story.

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Once Picoletta’s character story has become available, watch the short cutscene to learn more about her life as a young circus acrobat, as well as how her family lost their lives due to the war. Upon reaching the conclusion to the young acrobat’s tragic story, Serenoa offers Picoletta a new home in the form of House Wolffort, unlocking her as a playable character.

Picoletta’s abilities

As an ex-circus member, Picoletta employs the skills she learned to toss items at enemies from afar. Her initial weapon is the Racquet, which she uses to bludgeon opponents or launch various objects with terrifying accuracy. Item Launcher increases her target range by two when using an item on an enemy, allowing Picoletta to utilize items such as Firestone from a safe distance.

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On the other hand, Decoy can be used to summon a clone of Picoletta to a space of your choosing, allowing her to safely retreat from enemy advances. Only one clone can exist at a time, however, so plan accordingly before using this ability. While her utility is slightly dependent on the amount of items in your inventory, Picoletta is a fun and quirky unit to have on your team if you prefer using items over magic!

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