Triangle Strategy puts quite a bit of emphasis on giving you multiple options for how to play the game, and this theme extends to team-building in a big way. There are over 15 playable characters that can be recruited to fight for House Wolffort during Triangle Strategy’s story. When these potential teammates can be acquired is primarily decided by Serenoa’s convictions, however, meaning that not everybody will want to join Serenoa’s retinue right away. One such character is the grandson of a powerful archmage—Narve Oparyn. Here’s how to recruit Narve Oparyn in Triangle Strategy.

Note: Minor character spoilers for Narve Oparyn follow.

Where to find and recruit Narve Oparyn

Narve’s character story can appear on the world map any time after character stories are introduced in Chapter V: Encroaching Darkness, though he won’t approach the party until Serenoa’s convictions have been strengthened enough to align with his. If you’re having trouble getting Narve to appear, don’t worry—just focus on strengthening Serenoa’s convictions by participating in mock battles or the main story’s events. This impressive sage will be begging to join your roster in no time.

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Once his character story has shown up, watch the story’s cutscene to meet Narve Oparyn and learn of his grandfather, the archmage Grandante. Narve dreams of restoring his late grandfather’s honor and has set out on a journey to do so, all while attempting to build a name for himself in the process. Serenoa House Wolffort invites Narve to the ranks of House Wolffort upon seeing his magical might in action, unlocking him as a playable character.

Narve Oparyn’s abilities

As the grandson and protégé of the great archmage Grandante, Narve has access to a wide variety of both healing and elemental magic. His initial weapon is the Oak Rod, which he uses as a focal point for the energy needed to cast his spells.

Whirlwind summons forth a massive vortex, dealing wind-type damage to any enemies caught within its radius. This spell also changes the direction hit enemies are facing, allowing your characters an easier way to score critical hits.

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Icy Breath and Scorch are two spells used by Corentin and Frederica, respectively, and they work the same way when cast by Narve. Icy Breath causes frosty spikes to erupt from the ground beneath enemies within its radius, while Scorch ignites a fiery explosion to incinerate any foes within its field of effect.

While he isn’t able to cast quite as diverse of a range of fire or ice spells as Corentin and Frederica, Narve’s ability to use both types of magic makes him an invaluable member of any team. Combine this with his capacity for wind, lightning, and healing magic, and Narve has all the makings to become terrifying force of nature on the battlefield!

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