The mighty House Wolffort steadily grows with each new member recruited into its ranks, becoming a veritable army in its own right. Serenoa and his retinue aren’t invincible, however, and they’ll need somebody familiar with medicinal herbs and ointments to patch their wounds. Fortunately, one medical practitioner in particular is ready to offer her expertise to House Wolffort—Medina Alliam. Here’s how to recruit Medina Alliam in Triangle Strategy.

Note: Minor character spoilers for Medina Alliam follow.

Where to find and recruit Medina Alliam

In order for Medina Alliam’s character story to appear on the world map, first, you’ll need to reach Chapter V: Encroaching Darkness and a strong enough alignment with the Morality value for Serenoa’s convictions. Don’t be alarmed if her character story doesn’t pop up during Chapter V, however, as it will most likely become available by Chapter VII if you continue to strengthen Serenoa’s convictions while playing through the main story.

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Once Medina’s character story has appeared, watch the short cutscene to learn more about the prejudice that exists in Hyzante, along with the conflicting feelings Medina is forced to face as a result. Serenoa accepts her offer of providing medical aid to House Wolffort upon the scene’s conclusion, unlocking her as a playable character.

Medina Alliam’s abilities

As a practitioner of medicine, Medina utilizes her extensive medical knowledge to increase the the effectiveness of health recovery items on the battlefield. Her initial weapon is a knife, which she wields with surgical precision to stitch up her allies. The ability Double Items allows Medina to use 2 items on her turn, giving her the ability to be a powerful healer so long as you have restorative items on hand.

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Additionally, the Long Toss passive ability increases her range by three spaces when using an item on her comrades, meaning she can use HP Recover Pellets to heal allies from a safe distance. While her effectiveness is slightly reliant on how well you keep your inventory stocked, Medina is a fun healer to have on your team if you prefer using items over magic!

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