The player in Expeditions: Rome has the side mission of recruiting legionarii to their praetorian guard. The game does not explain how players can do this, but the ability is unlocked upon receiving this mission.

Start by going to the tent in the center of your camp. It is exactly where you hire your legion Commanders. The next step is to look through the list of Centurions in the Recruit tab and click Hire Praetorian. You should only pick Centuries who are at least indifferent to you.

After that, open the Party tab and move the commanders to the left, under Party Members. Players can have up to eight additional Praetorians in their guard, which is more than enough.

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Be careful not to have too many praetorians at the start since the recruits will improve as time goes on. We recommend having three praetorians in your personal guard at the beginning of the game to handle camp business.

It’s not too late to change the difficulty if it’s too hard. Read What difficulty should I choose? Difficulty Levels in Expeditions: Rome for more on difficulty levels! For more info, guides, and news on Expedition: Rome, stay here on Pro Game Guides!

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