Serenoa’s journey would be an impossible one were it not for the weapons he and his comrades wield, blades and bows crafted with unparalleled skill. However, even the best tools of war lose their edge eventually. Serenoa and his comrades will need to seek out the assistance of a skilled smithy to keep their edge on the battlefield. Fortunately for House Wolffort, one blacksmith in particular would be happy to sharpen their blades—the encampment smithy, Jens Macher. Here’s how to recruit Jens Macher in Triangle Strategy.

Note: Minor character spoilers for Jens Macher follow.

Where to find and recruit Jens Macher

To recruit this smithing prodigy into House Wolffort, first, you’ll need to reach Chapter II in order to unlock the encampment smithy. The smithy can be used to upgrade your unit’s weaponry, which will have to be utilized quite a few times before you’ll be able to catch Jens’ attention. If you’re having a difficult time obtaining the necessary materials, taking part in the encampment tavern’s mock battles can provide the upgrade materials or coin you’ll need, all while strengthening Serenoa’s convictions in the process.

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From Chapter VI: Remember Me onward, Jens Macher’s character story will appear on the world map once a sufficient number of weapon abilities have been unlocked, though only if Serenoa’s convictions are strong enough to align with his. Watch the short cutscene to learn of Jens’ desire to learn what it means to wield the blades he forges, spurring him to offer his expertise to House Wolffort and unlocking him as a playable character.

Jens Macher’s abilities

By utilizing the extensive amount of smithing knowledge he’s attained during his career, Jens is able to employ a wide array of debilitating traps on the battlefield. His initial weapon is the hammer, which he swings to deftly deal with both weapons and enemies. Spring Trap places a trap on any selected space within range, knocking back enemies who step on it up to a to a maximum of five spaces. A total of three traps can exist on the battlefield at the same time.

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The Ladder ability can be used for easier access to higher or lower sections of the map, providing a special form of mobility for his comrades by creating new pathways. Similar to Rudolph Mueller, Jens adds a unique form of support to the team, giving you some fun tools to keep enemies at a safe distance. If you like using traps to debilitate your enemies, make sure to upgrade your weapons and recruit Jens Macher!

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