Fighting off the advances of neighboring nations is tough work, and there are times when Serenoa and his cohorts would rather sit back and relax with an ice cold drink in their encampment’s tavern. However, the effects of war can still be felt off the battlefield, and the tavern’s precious supply of spirits continues to dwindle as the fighting rages on. In order to keep their favorite oasis from shutting it’s doors, House Wolffort will need the assistance of an unlikely ally—the tavern’s very own barkeep, Hossabara Freyya. Here’s how to recruit Hossabara Freyya in Triangle Strategy.

Note: Minor character spoilers for Hossabara Freyya follow.

Where to find and recruit Hossabara Freyya

In order to add this horse-riding healer to your team, first, you’ll need to have access to the encampment tavern. Once it has become available, participate in as many mock battles as you can while progressing through the main story to strengthen Serenoa’s convictions. Hossabara’s character story will appear on the map during Chapter VI: Remember Me, so long as enough mock battles have been completed and Serenoa’s convictions are strong enough to align with hers.

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If Hossabara’s character story doesn’t appear right away, don’t give up—continue to strengthen Serenoa’s convictions by participating in mock battles and her recruitment event will most likely appear by the end of Chapter VII. Once it has, simply watch Hossabara’s cutscene for her to request a chance to join House Wolffort on the battlefield, unlocking her as a playable character.

Hossabara Freyya’s abilities

Befitting someone who is capable of both lifting spirits and knocking some sense into rowdy customers, Hossabara employs a combination of healing abilities and physical attacks in battle. Her initial weapon is the Six-edged Staff which she uses to bludgeon anything who dares to harm her allies. Be Brave summons forth a swirl of restorative energy, granting Health Point restoration to all allies within its radius.

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The Cleave ability relies on Hossabara’s strength to deal physical damage to foes across three horizontal spaces. Additionally, Hossabara’s horse allows her to traverse the field with ease, giving her an edge in mobility when compared to other healers. If you’re looking to add a back-up healer with high movement to your roster, head to the encampment and start participating in mock battles today!

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