If you’re on a mission to complete your Digimon Library in Survive, then Gomamon could be one of few creatures that are missing from it. Gomamon is an early-game missable Digimon you can recruit in Digimon Survive. Here’s your guide to inviting Gomamon over.

Gomamon can only be recruited during Part three. During its Free Action, remember to visit Kunemon. Kunemon will prompt Takuma to move to Spider Lily Forest. Make sure that you don’t visit Kunemon last or the Free Action segment might end before you can meet Gomamon.

Visit Spider Lily Forest where Agumon, Falcomon, and Labramon are. They will warn Takuma about movement from the bushes. You will discover an injured Gomamon. Heal it until it warms up to you.  

Gomamon is a Vaccine-attribute rookie Digimon. It can evolve into three Champion-level Digimons (such as Ikkakumon) with a Mature Enlightenment Slab. However, its Champion forms should be recruitable in later chapters of the game—so no need to think too hard about what Digimon you want to evolve it into.

Gomamon level will be at a much lower level than the rest of your team, so if you’re looking to use it in major battles, equip it with a learning crystal and grind in Free Battles before pushing the story forward.

Then again, Gomamon isn’t the only Digimon you can miss while playing the game. If you don’t have Tentomon, for example, remember to visit the empty Shrine during Part seven’s Free Action segment. You also have an opportunity to meet a Palmon in Part nine. These Rookie Digimons can sometimes be encountered during Shadow Battles and Free Battles—though it’s quite rare for them to appear.

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