Long ago, a grueling battle known as the Saltiron War raged between Norzelia’s three nations, plunging the land into an era of blades and blood. Trade and commerce was greatly disrupted as a result, and a multitude of innocent lives were lost, leaving a lasting scar on the land and its people. 30 years have passed since that dark time, though there is still one man who can recall the war as if it were yesterday—the sundry shop merchant, Archibald Genoe. Here’s how to recruit Archibald Genoe in Triangle Strategy.

Where to find and recruit Archibald Genoe

To add this wizened marksman to your team, you’ll need to have access to the encampment sundry shop. Once it has become available, promote the class of at least one character unit while progressing through the main story to strengthen Serenoa’s convictions. Once Serenoa’s alignment to Morality and Utility is strong enough, Archibald’s character story will appear on the map from Chapter VI: Remember Me onward.

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Once his character story has shown up, watch the story’s cutscene to meet Archibald Genoe and learn of his involvement in the great Saltiron War. Archibald still recalls the horrors that war can bring and endeavors to help put a stop to the bloodshed. Serenoa and his retinue welcome Archibald into the ranks of House Wolffort upon learning of his experience and motivations, unlocking him as a playable character.

Archibald Genoe’s abilities

Archibald is an expert marksman, using the impressive experience he’s accumulated to skillfully wield divine bows in battle. His initial weapon is the Bow of Serenity, which he deftly uses to dispatch unsuspecting enemies from afar. The Edged Arrow ability fires off a powerful shot at one enemy, ignoring their defense to deal physical damage.

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On the other hand, Arrow Spray fires off multiple arrows to deal physical damage to all opponents within range. Though his attacks may not be able to afflict status effects like some of the other archer units, Archibald’s Sniper passive skill allows him to deal greater damage the farther away he is from an enemy, making him a very powerful character, if you’re looking to deal some long-distance physical damage!

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