You lead the Blue Foxes Mercenary Group in The DioField Chronicle. You will need able-bodied soldiers to complete your missions and defeat your enemies. There are several units you can meet and recruit throughout the game, which may leave you wondering how to recruit all unlockable units in The DioField Chronicles.

How to unlock all characters in The DioField Chronicle

Most characters are unlocked throughout the story by simply completing the main missions. However, there are a few characters like Donovar, Zoruaq, and Chappleman, which are unlocked through side missions. Make sure you complete these if you want to fill your roster. Here are all recruitable characters and how to unlock them in The DioField Chronicle.

CharacterUnlock MethodClass
Andrias RhondarsonStartingSoldier
Fredret LesterStartingCavalier
Izelair WiganStartingSoldier
Iscarion ColchesterComplete Chapter 1: End of the Bandit MenaceSharpshooter
Waltaquin RedditchComplete Chapter 1: Redditch Estate ReconMagicker
Rickenback MadeaComplete Chapter 2: Harbinger of DiscordSharpshooter
Shivat MalzinComplete Chapter 2: End of the AardwolvesMagicker
Estalt YewfareComplete Chapter 3: Escort the PriestsMagicker
Castevere BunnowComplete Chapter 3: Defend Duke HendeCavalier
Umarida BareasComplete Chapter 3: The Blue Foxes LaughSharpshooter
Tremina UmbertComplete Chapter 4: Quell the Riots AgainSharpshooter
CatherineComplete Chapter 4: Rescuing CatherineSoldier
Hezeliah ShaythamComplete Chapter 6: An Army ApproachesMagicker
Donovar SullionComplete Chapter 2: A Shield for the PeopleSoldier
Zoruaq WiganComplete Chapter 4: A Warrior Gets His WingsCavalier
ChapplemanComplete Chapter 6: Give to Those Who Reach OutCavalier

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