You will fight numerous monsters and collect various items in Tunic, including gold. These valuable items will help you as you explore the world. But, should you fall in battle, you will drop a portion of these where you died. This may leave you wondering how to recover your items in Tunic.

To recover your items in Tunic, you must return to where you died. Here you will find a spectral fox floating at that spot. Approach the fox and interact with it to reclaim your belongings. Make sure you do not die before you reach your belongings because they will be gone forever if you do.

This system encourages exploration and playing smart. It is possible to stumble upon enemies that are too tough to beat without the right items and skills, so you will need to be careful or risk losing a portion of your belongings.

When you do die, you will need to make your way back to the spectral fox and claim your goods. Just make sure that you use more caution because they are gone for good if you die again.

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