Weapon Recasting in Fantasy Life Online is an option players have to increase the quality, and in turn the max level cap, of their weapons, armor, and tools. Recasting is available once players have built a Forge and have reached at least Adept Rank in the Blacksmith Life.

Any weapon, armor, or tool may be Recast, but players must have the appropriate type of Recast Stone in order to do so. Here is a list Recast Stones and what they work for:

  • Weapon Recaster (S): 1-Star, 2-Star, and 3-Star weapons
  • Weapon Recaster (M): 4-Star weapons
  • Weapon Recaster (L): 5-Star weapons
  • Armor Recaster (S): 1-Star, 2-Star, and 3-Star armor
  • Armor Recaster (M): 4-Star armor
  • Armor Recaster (L): 5-Star armor
  • Item Recaster (S): 1-Star, 2-Star, and 3-Star tools
  • Item Recaster (M): 4-Star tools
  • Item Recaster (L): 5-Star tools

The higher Star the item being Recast, the higher the difficulty of the Recasting. 4-Star and 5-Start items will require better Hammers, more skilled Companions, and a higher Blacksmith level in order to successfully Recast. The time it takes a player to Recast an item will also determine what Quality the item upgrades to. The faster the smithing, the higher Quality the item becomes, and the higher level cap that item will have.

Recasting items is a similar process to forging a new item but is much more difficult.

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Furniture Recasting

It is also possible for players to Recast Furniture. Raising the Quality of a piece of Furniture increases its sales price. Similar to other Recasting, Furniture requires:

  • Furniture Recaster (S): 1-Star, 2-Star, and 3-Star tools
  • Furniture Recaster (M): 4-Star tools
  • IFurniture Recaster (L): 5-Star tools

Recasting Furniture requires a Sawmill and for players to have reached at least Adept Rank in the Carpenter Life. Similar to Blacksmith Recasting, the Quality of the Tools used, the Companions used, and the player’s Carpenter level will affect the difficulty of the Recast.

Obtaining Recast Stones

Currently, the only way to obtain Recast Stones is to exchange Tokens for them in the Crusade Mission exchange. Tokens are obtained by completing Crusade Missions.

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