Like the mightiest of Saiyans, Interlinking in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 allows two characters to fuse together and form a powerful Ouroboros. Raising Interlink levels will determine how devastatingly powerful this combat form is. How many Interlink levels are there and how do you reach the max?

Interlink level is a mechanic that exists solely within battles. The Interlink level is displayed on the left side of the screen with each fight beginning at level zero. By using Fusion Arts, the Interlink level will increase.

To use Fusion Arts, players will hold ZR and use the Master Art skills. Additionally, holding ZL will allow you to order AI party members to use Fusion Arts. For each Fusion Art that hits, the Interlink level will increase by one up to a maximum of three.

Interlink levels will determine how powerful the Ouroboros form is. At the max level of three, the damage is significantly increased. There are also nodes within each Ouroboros Soul tree that will raise Interlink levels faster. Make sure to grab them as Interlinking is critical to coming out the other side of the tougher fights Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has.

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