In Praey for the Gods, you have several equipment pieces you need to constantly change between. Albeit attacking foes, nailing rabbits from a distance, or just grappling hook to safely. So instead of diving into your inventory every time, you can quickly swap between equipment.

To do this, all you need to do is press any direction of the d-pad or the assigned number key, and the change will happen instantly. Each direction is automatically assigned to a piece of equipment.

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  • D-pad
    • Right d-pad is melee weapon.
    • Left d-pad is bow.
    • Up is grapping hook.
    • Down d-pad is arrow type.
  • Numbers
    • 1 is melee weapon.
    • 2 is bow.
    • 3 is grappling hook.
    • 4 is arrow type.

If you so wish, by holding down the d-pad or number, a black screen will appear with all equipment of that type. So holding down the right d-pad will display all of your melee weapons in your inventory to pick the one you want. On the controller, use the right analog stick to select the weapon you want, and when using a mouse, just hover over and click.

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