Many players that are learning the ropes in the game Starmancer have found that the tutorial lacks detailed descriptions of how to play. One struggle most players face in the game is how to put out fires. Unfortunately, there is currently only one way to put out a fire, and it isn’t as quick as it needs to be. In the guide below, we explain how to extinguish the flames.

Venting a room in Starmancer.

The description for putting out fires is confusing at best, stating only to “vent the room”. What it means by this is to remove all sources of oxygen to the room. This means you need to do the following.

  1. Lock any doors leading into the room. This is to make sure your citizens don’t die from suffocation.
  2. Shutdown any wall vents from other rooms that have oxygen (e.g. the blue square in the image above).
  3. Turn on any wall vents leading out into space (e.g. the yellow square in the image above).
  4. Make sure you see warnings for Atmosphere Leak and Low Oxygen (e.g. the red square on the top right in the image above). It isn’t necessary to have an Atmosphere Leak warning, but it makes venting the room go much faster.

Once you have done all the steps listed above, the Oxygen level in the room will quickly deteriorate and the fire will extinguish itself. If you don’t have a wall vent to the outside installed already, you may be able to have a character install one in the room with the fire before it spreads or damages any equipment.

Note: Even if it’s for the sole purpose of putting out fires, it’s best to have a wall vent to the outside in every room of your ship.

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