Upon launching Roblox East Brickton for the first time, many roleplayers might be confused about the punch mechanic. A quick tour around the city will show other players engaging in melee combat, but for you, the mechanic might seem like it’s missing. That’s because it is, at least for a couple of hours.

New players to East Brickton will not receive the punching mechanic until they have logged three hours total into the game. The punch mechanic is locked behind this invisible timer, as mandated by developer marcus760. Reason being is to prevent new players from ruining the RP experience by engaging in unnecessary fistfights.

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When punching does unlock after three hours, these are the controls:

Left PunchMouse Left Click
Right PunchMouse Right Click
Dodge LeftQ
Dodge RightE

During combat, players can mix up their punches like a standard boxing match. Timing your punches and your dodges can really throw off a player and give you the upper hand during melee combat. It takes practice, but once you’ve figured out the mechanics, you’ll be safe in plenty of tense combat situations.

Since Roblox East Brickton is an RP game, developer marcus76 has taken measures to prevent random players from ruining the experience, like causing fights for no reason. This is why new players are not allowed to use the punch mechanic for the first three hours, even if your RP intentions are good. Chances are if you stick around for three hours, then you are serious about creating the best experience for everyone.

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