When you’re roaming the lovely Rainbow Island and night begins to fall, a darker side of Slime Rancher 2 is revealed. There are diseased amalgamations known as Tarr that seek to harm the player and swallow any slimes in their vicinity. They mainly come out at night but can be found sneaking around during the early morning. Here’s how to protect your home from Tarr in Slime Rancher 2.

How to protect your base from Tarr in Slime Rancher 2

Hydro Turret

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The ideal choice for protecting your house from Tarr is the Hydro Turret. This object will automatically target Tarr and soak them in water, preventing them from getting too close. The blueprint for this turret must be found in one of the pods on Rainbow Island. While this is the most effective option for deterring the Tarr, it is time-consuming to locate the necessary materials.

Launch them into the ocean

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While this option requires more hands-on action, it is significantly more amusing than the first option. Tarr cannot be vacuumed into your inventory, but they can be stuck to the end of your vacuum, similar to Largo Slimes. If a slime is giving you trouble, pick it up with your vacuum and throw it into a nearby water source. During the day, you only need to expose them to water once, but they are stronger during the night, requiring two surprise baths.

The Tarr will continually bite you while you are holding them, so make sure you have a water source nearby before grabbing one. Thankfully, your health regenerates quickly, so their bites are nothing to worry about. If you are worried about losing too much health, you can purchase the Heart Module to increase your maximum health.

Give your slime corrals high walls

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In case the Tarr attempt to infiltrate your home, make sure that your slime enclosures have high walls. This will decrease the chance of Tarr swallowing your precious friends, even if they do break into your base. If some of your slimes have escaped and are wandering around, they may not be so lucky.

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