Crashes can be incredibly annoying in any game, but especially in Total War: Warhammer 3. Unfortunately, the current release of the game has a bad habit of crashing out when you Alt-Tab. 

Luckily, there is a fairly simple fix for this. If you run the game in windowed mode, even if that window is maximized, Alt-Tabbing will no longer cause your game to crash or soft lock. This is because it changes the way the game is prioritized and runs on windows.

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To do this, simply enter graphical options, and select Graphics. Navigate to the option that says Run in window, and select that option, making sure the box is ticked. Once the screen changes, select Keep Changes and your game will now run windowed.

It’s best to choose a resolution slightly smaller than your screen size if you’re running the game windowed, as this will prevent anything from slipping off screen or being missed. It will also help you Alt-Tab if you need to.

Overall the game is far more stable in windowed mode, and seems to navigate through most soft-locks and freezes better than it does full screen. Developer Creative Assembly is also aware of the Alt-Tab issue, and has suggested similar measures until they can work on a fix.

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