Understanding how to prestige in Roblox Titanage is necessary if you intend on becoming one of the most dangerous titan slayers in the game. There are three prestige tiers total, and to prestige you will need to reach max level each time and earn a total of 1,000 titan kills.

The three prestige tiers are as follows:

Prestige 1Reach Level 30, earn 1,000 Titan KillsUnlock 60 Skill Points Total
Prestige 2Reach Level 40, earn 1,000 Titan KillsUnlock 80 Skill Points Total
Prestige 3Reach Level 50, earn 1,000 Titan KillsUnlock 100 Skill Points Total

In addition to reaching max level, players can earn more and more skill points each time they prestige. This is perhaps the greatest incentive to prestige—the more you flesh out your skill tree across all roles, the stronger a slayer you will become.

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How to Prestige in Titanage

To prestige in Titanage, approach Levi in the hub area and click on him to start a conversation. Levi can be found in front of the cosmetic editor, arms crossed and leaning against a bunch of tall gas tanks. Upon speaking to Levi, select the I wish to prestige option. Assuming you’ve met the requirements listed above, Levi will allow you to prestige to the next highest tier.

What is gained and lost for prestiging?

Your level, kills, and skills will reset for each prestige, causing you to grind out all of these elements to once again reach max level. This will occur each time until you’ve reached the highest possible prestige tier.

Players will hold onto their mods each time they prestige. These never get wiped unless you willingly sell the mods to Hange.

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