To prestige in Hunt Showdown, players need to level up to rank 100 by killing zombies, completing objectives, and finishing and extracting from matches.

Kill as many zombies as you can, such as Hives, Armored, and Immlaters, and then escaping before you die will give you the most XP to level up your prestige bar. 

Leveling hunters to level 25 and retiring them is also a decent way to add to your prestige bar, as well. 

But the best way and what you should top your leveling runs off with is killing bosses. Killing the boss on the map and then extracting as fast as possible will give you tons of XP, which will help to raise your prestige. 

Raise your prestige high enough, and you will be able to prestige in the game. But what exactly does prestiging do? 

Well, in short, it’s a way for hunters in the game to level up their profiles to unlock rare skins – However, doing so comes at a cost.

In short, a lot of the progress you made in the game gets reset, and you have to start with a clean slate. Here’s everything that wipes when you prestige in Hunt Showdown. 

  • Daily and Weekly Challenges reset
  • All Owned Hunters gets reset
  • All Owned Equipment gets reset
  • Player starts with only 4k money
  • All Recuiptable Hunters gets reset
  • Unlocked Items and Traits get reset
  • Player Bloodline resets

Overall, we only recommend prestiging if you want the skins as it may prove to be too high of a cost for some players in the game.  

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