In short, if you want to preload Chivalry 2, you will need to start a download for it via your platform. On consoles, this process will be simple and most likely down automatically for you once you bought the game. If not, you can download it by finding in your library and clicking download.

On PC, the process doesn’t change much, and after pre-ordering, you will need to find the game in your library. That said, on the Epic Games Launcher, you will need to click on the icon for the game in the library section. 

After this, you will be prompted to choose a location, select your location, and the game will start to download. Once finished, you will have successfully preloaded the game on either Steam or Epic Games.

What time can I preload Chivalry 2? 

Players on PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox One, Series X/S can preload Chivalry 2 as of yesterday. For PC, preloading will unlock at 7:30 AM PT or 10:30 ET.

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How big is Chivalry 2’s download size? 

The total download size for is Chivalry 2 is around 20 GBs, so don’t worry about not having enough space. The game size is also the same across all platforms. 

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