In Bitlife, there are numerous activities players can do while in school, and one of these is Gymnastics. However, it has some requirements you will need to meet before you can practice it, so here’s everything you will need to do.

How to Practice Gymnastics in School Bitlife Guide

To practice Gymnastics, you will need to be both a female character and have high athleticism and health. Along with this, you will need to be in either college, high school, or secondary school, and while you are in school, you will need to visit the school activities tab to join it.

However, it may not show up for you, so you will need to check all three schools, and if it still doesn’t show up, you will need to recreate your character

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That said, to get both high health and athleticism, you will need to visit the gym, but that won’t unlock until you are 12. Because of this, you will need to do martial arts or try other activities such as walking – these two will unlock at age eight.

To raise your health level, you will need to meditate and have a decent diet. Along with this, you can also go to the doctor to increase your health if you get sick.

That said, once you got high stats for both health and athleticism, you will be able to join the Gymnastics Team, so we recommend to keep both stats up and check all three schools until you find it.

If you find it among the listings under school activities, all you need to do next is click the option to join, and you will start practicing gymnastics in school.

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