One of the most important aspects of Moonbreaker is your captain. This often determines what playstyle you are using and the strategies that will help you win. The most complicated captain that requires more planning is Zax Ja’kar. This may leave you wondering how to play him and the best units and Assists in Moonbreaker.

Best strategies for Zax Ja’kar in Moonbreaker – Tips and Tricks

Zax Ja’kar’s kit strongly supports controlling the battlefield, so we recommend playing him defensively and doing just that. Choose a location that has strong cover as well as several escape routes. This will let you place mines to block or slow your opponent’s advance. Zax Ja’kar’s ranged attack can push enemies back, or his Gravity Well ability can pull enemy units into mines.

Depending on how many ranged units your opponent plays, we recommend pushing Zax Ja’kar up to drop mines while you set up your defense and perimeter in your selected location. This will slow your opponent down and give you more time to create choke points. Don’t push too far with your captain, as you will need to bring him back once you are set up.

Once your defenses are ready, use Zax Ja’kar to keep your opponent at bay and attack them with your strong ranged units. An enemy that gets too close can be dealt with by your melee units, but you should aim to prevent them from getting close. The enemy captain should be your primary target, both because you need to defeat them to win and because keeping them back prevents them from placing units behind your defenses.

Best Unit Roster for Zax Ja’kar in Moonbreaker

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As you should play Zax Ja’kar defensively, we recommend stocking your roster with powerful ranged units. Don’t neglect to pick up a few melee units for protection, but aim for ones that provide a bonus to your ranged ones, like Amplifier Bitol, or provide movement like Crankbait. Here is our recommendation for the best Zax Ja’kar roster in Moonbreaker.

  • Aeggys Defense Drone
  • Amplifier Bitol
  • Beatris, Enforcer
  • Crankbait
  • Florio, Lancer
  • Maximus
  • Peacemaker Balam
  • Switchback
  • Ursix Nectarvine/Stitchy McPatchy
  • Novian Bulwark (Substitute)

Best Assists for Zax Ja’kar in Moonbreaker

The best Assist for Zax Ja’kar is Cinder Infusion, as you will be spending a lot of Cinder to exert control over the arena. Following that, you will want either Disrupter Beam or Vortex Beam to increase your control over the board. Stowaway is another great choice as it will prevent you from having to spend Cinder on putting more units in your Bridge. We recommend prioritizing these Assists whenever possible.

Other good choices include damaging Assists like Plink and Orbital Strike, or you can pick up Corrosive Particles to increase your ranged units’ damage. If you can secure one of the prioritized Assists, the other Assist you get doesn’t quite matter as much.

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