If you are wondering how to play with your friends in Marauders, it is easy. In short, all you have to do to play with friends is create a Crew. After creating a Crew in Marauders, you can invite your friends by using the invite button next to an empty slot in the Crew List. Once everyone is in your Crew, you can play with your friends by having everyone press the Set as Ready option. When everyone is ready, just launch the game, and you will play Marauders with your friends. 

How to create a Crew in Marauders 

To create a Crew in Marauders, you must first load into the game. After loading into Marauders, the option to create a Crew is at the top left of your screen. As shown below, press the button that says Create Crew. Doing so will make an option to fill out your Crew name, and crew password appear. 

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Fill out your Crew name, select a password, and then hit create to make your Crew in Marauders. After creating your Crew, you can invite your friends by selecting the invite button below. On the next screen, press the Invite Friend button and then message your friend the password so they can join.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

How many people can play Marauders in a Crew? 

If you are wondering how many players can play in a single Crew, the total is four, including the host. Players can also play Marauders by hitting the Launch Solo option in the Main menu. 

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